St. John the Baptist Parish, A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, Canberra, Australia

Русская Версия

Photo and Video Collection

2014 Choral Conference

Keynote Addresses - Archpriest George Johnson, Abbot Sergei (Shatrov), Georgiy Safonov.

Divine Services.

Recent Parish Life

Great Friday and Pascha, 2015.


Award for Archpriest Alexander, 5 July 2013.

Patronal Feast, 2013.

Farewell to a member of the Choir, 24 June 2013.

Pascha, 2013.

Blessing of Kulich, Pascha 2013.

Great and Holy Friday, 2013.

Memorial service (requiem), Great Lent, 2013.

Holy Unction Service, Great Lent, 2013.

Discussion Group.

First week of Great Lent, 2013.

Pancakes on Cheesefare Sunday, 2013.

Sunday 6 January and Monday 7 January - Vigil and Liturgy for the Nativity of Christ.


Saturday 28 July 2012 - Russian food fair.

Patronal Feast, 2012.

Great and Holy Friday, Great and Holy Saturday and Pascha 2012.

The All Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday, 2012.

Easter Bazaar, 2012.

Service of Holy Unction, 2012.

First week of Great Lent, 2012.

Photos and video from the Theophany of Christ.

Photographs from the Nativity of Christ (January 2012) show the latest additions to the fresco icons of the church.

In November 2011 the miracle-working Kursk-Root Icon of the Sign visited Canberra.

Patronal Festivals in Recent Years

Diocesan Youth Conference - 2004

In December 2004 the parish hosted the annual Youth Conference for the diocese. A small selection of photographs is available:

Parish History

In 2002 the parish celebrated its 50th Jubilee Year (1952-2002), although irregular services have been held in Canberra since the early 1940s, when Russians begain arriving in Canberra. Some photographs of the celebration of the Jubilee in 2002 are available in the Jubilee photograph collection.

The pre-1962 life of the parish covers the early years of its formation. If anyone has photographs of this era of the parish's life, we would be most grateful for copies of them.

Historical photographs of early church life in Narrabundah are available in two archives, one of colour photographs and one of black and white photographs.

Some photographs of the period from the consecration of the Church to 1998 are available in the history section of our website.

Also available are collections of photographs from the consecration of the Church in 1988, the anniversary of the conversion of Russia, the celebration of the feasts of Pascha and Pentecost, children from the parish school as well as some general photographs and postcards. Also of interest may be photographs from the archives of the parish school as well as some more recent photos from the school.