St. John the Baptist Parish, A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church, Canberra, Australia

Choral Conference

On Thursday 1 May to Sunday 4 May St John the Baptist Parish hosted the diocesan Choral Conference (Певческий Съезд).

Key Note Addresses

Key Note Addresses
Pavel Chesnokov
Georgiy SafonovKeynoteRussian1:15:57
Znamenny Chant
Abbot Sergei (Shatrov)KeynoteEnglish47:11
Orthodox Church Singing in English
Archpriest George JohnsonKeynoteEnglish1:01:39

Pavel Chesnokov (1:29:20, 3.44 GB)


Znamenny Chant (57:24, 2.21 GB)


Orthodox Church Singing in English (1:14:14, 2.85 GB)

These videos area also available on the parish's YouTube channel.

Divine Services

These recordings were made during the All Night Vigil and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of the conference.

Divine Service Recordings
TextChant or ComposerLanguageAudio
Great Vespers
Introductory PsalmGreek Chant variant, arr. A. KastalskyChurch Slavonic
Blessed is the ManKievan Chant, arr. Archpriest George JohnsonEnglish
Lord I Have Cried and sticheraKievan Chant, arr. A. ArchangelskyChurch Slavonic and English
Dogmaticon, tone 2Znamenny Chant, arr. A. Kastalsky, St. Tikhon's MonasteryEnglish
O Gladsome LightZnamenny ChantChurch Slavonic
Evening Prokeimenon, tone 6P. ChesnokovChurch Slavonic and English
Aposticha and Paschal SticheraZosimov Hermitage Chant, harmonised Hieromonk NikiforChurch Slavonic and English
O Theotokos and Virgin RejoiceP. Chesnokov, Russian "Greek" ChantChurch Slavonic and English
Psalm 33, v. 1-10Archpriest George JohnsonEnglish
Troparia of the ResurrectionKiev-Pechersky Lavra ChantChurch Slavonic and English
Matins Prokeimenon, tone 2Znamenny Chant, arr. M. KonstantinovChurch Slavonic and English
Great DoxologyGreater Znamenny Chant, arr. N. SchidlovskyChurch Slavonic
Troparion Having Risen, tone 2Znamenny Chant, arr. N. Kedrov Jr, J. Brewer (English)English
The Divine Liturgy
First Antiphon - Bless the LordArchimandrite Matthew (Mormyl)Church Slavonic
Second Antiphon - Praise the LordArchimandrite Matthew (Mormyl)Church Slavonic
O Only Begotten SonA. D. Kastalsky - ObikhodChurch Slavonic
Third Antiphon - In They Kingdom, remember us O LordB. M. LedkovskyChurch Slavonic
Prokeimenon, tone 6 - Save, O LordP. ChesnokovChurch Slavonic
Alleluia before the Gospel ReadingP. ChesnokovChurch Slavonic
Cherubic HymnP. ChesnokovChurch Slavonic
A Mercy of Peace (the Anaphora)Kieven Chant, arr. P Chesnokov, op. 27, No. 6Church Slavonic
Zadostoinik of Pascha, The Angel CriedValaam ChantChurch Slavonic
Blessed is He Who ComesN. Kedrov SrChurch Slavonic
Receive ye the Body of ChristM. GovedaritsaChurch Slavonic
Receive ye the Body of ChristSpecial Melody, Joseph was Amazed, Kiev Pechersk LavraChurch Slavonic


There is also a Facebook page for the conference.